Luc Verhaegen (libv) wrote,
Luc Verhaegen

Flashing our way to polaris.

I have just added Sea Island support to flashrom. This puts the R600 style SPI interface behind a pair of indexed registers, but otherwise is highly compatible.

While only tested on the first Sea-Island type SPI interface (Bonaire), support should work for everything up to and including Polaris, for a grand total of 240 devices supported today.

Bonaire was the introduction of this relocated register interface. Sadly there was an issue with this chip. There are 256bytes of SPI data registers, but registers 0xd8 through 0xE8 shifted up 0x10. There's an ugly work-around for that, but it works fine and the bit of extra cpu overhead is not an issue with a slowish interface like SPI. This shift was fixed for the next ASIC though, and Hawaii no longer needs that workaround.

As for my ordered hw...
* I still need to get a Tahiti/Hainan or Oland. So there are a few dozen Southern Islands cards to be added still.
* The HD4650 i ordered turned out to be an HD2600. The seller mistook one club3d card for another with the same passive cooler. He did not bother to even compare the connectors :(
* I did get a passive X300 (rv370) and X1300 (rv515) for which i will start REing now, so that i can extend flashrom support to all PCIE devices.

As always, the code is available here.
Tags: amd, ati, bios, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ethereum, flash, flashrom, mining, monero, opencl, polaris, radeon, radeonhd, spi

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