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Coreboot and Xorg DevRooms at FOSDEM!

Yeah, you read that correctly, there will be two close to the metal DevRooms at FOSDEM this year (or next year, Mr. Daenzer :))

FOSDEM 2010 runs on the 6th and 7th of February and in the AW building in room AW.124 there will be some really interesting things happening :)

On Saturday the 6th, the first coreboot DevRoom will be held there. It's still early days, but several key developers will be there, and we will be showing off coreboot, flashrom and will be presenting some really cool stuff. You can track the talks list on the coreboot wiki.

On Sunday, we will have the DevRoom there, for the fifth time already. This DevRoom has really been one of the best filled and most interesting ones for the past few years, with highly in-depth and technical talks, and we of course will provide the same this year :) tracking page is on the wiki.

As per usual, we will try to get people together on friday evening and visit that one restaurant on the grand place that we tend to visit each year (whose name i can never remember :)). And if enough people give me a heads up, i will try to reserve a big table at the excellent Mirabelle again for saturday.

As for people who are interested in speaking at one of the DevRooms, check the page of the individual projects for more details and do not hesitate to mail me or Egbert.
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