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Luc Verhaegen

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XDC 2012: Nuremberg! [Dec. 9th, 2011|05:32 am]
Luc Verhaegen
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Yes! The board has decided! XDC comes to Nuremberg!

For 2012 we (Egbert Eich, Professor Hopf, and I) will be hosting the annual X conference in Nuremberg!

Egbert will try to get the main SuSE conference room, or, failing that, Matthias will try to get us a university aula, so the venue itself will work itself out beautifully in one way or another. Then... Nuremberg is one of those places which is perfect for large crowds who need food and some liquids in the evening (frankonian/bavarian beergarten culture), so it is the perfect (and highly affordable) conference area from that point of view. And, the best part, even though Nuremberg is not the international hub that Frankfurt is, or the european hub that Munich is, it is halfway between the two, and travel is relatively easy from either of those points, either you take the plane, or you take a much more comfortable train from either airport, and get to Nuremberg in pretty much the same time. You can really make a big save comparing those two airports when flying inside european aerospace, and this for no time difference. One insider tip though: you get to ride the ICE at full speed (300+km/h!) when traveling from Munich (you do have to endure the rather pedestrian S-bahn for 45 minutes though).

Anyway, the main action item now is that Egbert can start to poke SuSE to see when their main conference room is available for 3 days in september 2012 (working network and enough power sockets are a given then!). I doubt that we will get an answer still in the three remaining weeks of this year.

The actual proposal e-mail sent to the board is sadly only available to X.org foundation members, but a wiki page will soon be created which recreates most of that information. But rest assured, we will get close to the wonderful experiences of XDC Toulouse (thank you Matthieu!) and XDC chicago (thank you Michael!) indeed!

(oh, and btw, we have a FOSDEM DevRoom this year, which is rapidly getting its schedule filled! If you are coming, get your talk in right now: first come, first serve!)