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Coreboot and Xorg DevRooms at FOSDEM... Aftermath. - LIBV Intentionally Breaks Videodrivers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Luc Verhaegen

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Coreboot and Xorg DevRooms at FOSDEM... Aftermath. [Feb. 16th, 2010|04:58 pm]
Luc Verhaegen
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FOSDEM this year was another huge success.

We had a great room this year, with luxuries as windows, which massively helped to keep the temperature under control :)

We had 100% coverage all the time, and during the first coreboot, and most of the announced Xorg talks, we had to limit the number of people getting in, as there was no standing space left (100 or so people in a 60 people devroom).

Some people complained over the size of the room for a project like X.org. But given the amount of talks that X.org people offered to give this year, we should count ourselves lucky that we had a room at all. No matter how big a project thinks it is, if no-one steps up to talk, there is nothing that can be done.

For those who got refused, don't worry. Now that Michael is back in the states, he will soon have the videos up on phoronix.

My talk about the graphics driver stack did seem to cause some crap-throwing. Seems that I touched some nerves, strange how my usually very shrewd and correct insights always cause similar reactions in the same people.

The FOSDEM event wouldn't be complete without being able to go out and enjoy some good meals with other open source people. This year was exceptionally nice, the Mirabelle had an exceptional Canard A L'Orange, and we found a really nice bar just a few streets away from the grand place, where beers are reasonable, the atmosphere is great and talking is actually possible!

I would like to thank Egbert Eich, and whoever else who helped out to make this devroom run smoothly, and thanks also go to Michael for taping the talks and all the speakers for giving them and getting a mostly pleased and happy crowd in! And thanks to those visitors, who, at FOSDEM, are always very interested and very open minded.