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Further deceipt from intel's Keith Packard.

I just watched Keith's talk in the debian miniconf room at LCA.

My. My. Randr really is the best thing since boiled water, isn't it.

Now, a lot of what he says quite categorically hasn't come from himself or Intel, and only manners stopped Keith from calling it all "Rubbish!" at EXDC. There's also the fact that no-one currently working on the intel driver ever bothered at all with anything modesetting before March 2006. That was all established in my previous post. So most of what Keith says has been rehashed from, to a sizable extent, my work and views. This in itself isn't wrong, it's the run up to it, and how it all is happening that's completely wrong, and of course the fact that Keith doesn't at all want to acknowledge my and other's part in all of this.

Least of all admit the gross error he made at EXDC. If anything, Keith slowed down proper modesetting by a year there.

Anyway, have you taken a good look at the slide with the feature set for Xorg 7.2? If not, look again.

Do you see anything missing there? Maybe not, but I do.

7.2 is able to run without a conf file. It's not perfect, but it is work-able. You'd think that this is a nice feature, you'd think that it would be worth mentioning, wouldn't you.

So why is that missing from that slide? Why does keith only mention it in passing much later?

Most of the work there was done by Adam Jackson, but most of the modesetting work needed there was done by yours truly (part of it was also done by Adam, but that move was driven by redhat corporate profiling/short term views versus bedroom hacker/slightly longer term views, and this is another story altogether). These parts are CVT modeline generation (in server too), and actual handling of EDID data (not parsing, that was done last millenium by Egbert Eich).

Sure, these bits aren't rocket science, they are just direct implementations of known/documented things, but they are absolutely fundamental to everything modesetting.

So fundamental to modesetting, that intel was unable to go around it. They now even directly include it in their code.

But this is still no explanation for not mentioning it in this talk, but i do have some hypotheses.

Mentioning this would:
* reduce the deceptive novelty of randr1.2. Decrease the number of Oohs and Aahs that are so essential to an enormous ego.
* point to me, and my views, ideas and code, and would expose keith and intel, and what's behind this whole story.

Whatever mix of these it is, it should be clear by now that this is all very deliberate. Add it all up, and it clearrly cannot be just a collection of honest mistakes.

This is a tactic.

This is about:
* pure unbridled marketing.
* personal scoring, no matter what the costs are for in general.
* chronic Not Invented Here.
* money.
And i'm certain that a lot of it is/was quite personal too.

Sure, you might not believe all of what I am saying, but there is quite a lot of hard evidence. And even if you only believe half of it, you're still seeing the actions of a person who's not exactly worthy of the title of open source hero.

These are the actions of a monopolist. You are seeing a open source intel monopoly in the making, because these are nothing but monopolist tactics.

Keith Packard _is_ intel. They were made for eachother.

Here Be Dragons.
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